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Playing Moods

The August issue of MD features an article by former Breaking Benjamin drummer Jeremy Hummel titled "Playing Moods: Thoughts on Drumming From the Soul." In it, Hummel brings up a very important point, namely that a beat or rhythm is what you make of it, not simply notes on paper. By emphasizing specific aspects of the music, we can make our playing "say" different things. Jeremy goes on to offer a number of suggestions not only for practicing playing different moods on the drumkit but also for getting in touch with certain feelings within ourselves in order to really own the vibe when that red light goes on.

This might sound like touchy-feely stuff, not the kind of exercise-oriented practicing that drummers tend to feel more comfortable with. But it could be argued that this is exactly the type of thing that separates the men from the boys and the girls from the women. In the physical arts, there will always be some hotshot around the corner, waiting to snag our gig with the promise of head-spinning technique. But when it really counts -- under the magnifying glass that is the recording studio -- it's the players who can make listeners feel something specific and deep that make the most impact.

Of course, the more control and vocabulary you have, the wider range of emotion you're going to be able to communicate. So don't forget to constantly expand your technique workouts too. Try our latest Lick of the Month, for instance, which provides application ideas for the exercises in the classic drum tutorial 4-Way Coordination. Turn those exercises into something "vibey," and now you're talkin'! Good luck.